The BATWomen are based out of the CBCGym in Portland Oregon and partnered with the Chris Bagg Coaching Group. The BATWomen are coached by their own individual coaches, including:

Chris Bagg

Chris Bagg, founder and owner of Chris Bagg Coaching Group, coaches Cymon Kersch. Chris is based in Portland, Oregon.

Lance Watson

Lance Watson, founder and owner of LifeSport Coaching, coaches Juliet Thompson Hochman. Lance is based in Victoria, B.C., Canada.


Hailey Manning

Hailey Manning coaches Laura MacCarley. Hailey works with HardCoeur Coaching in Silicon Valley, California.

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Shawn Bostad

Shawn Bostad, founder and owner of Steelhead Coaching, coaches Elise Lagerstrom, Amy Henderson and former BATWoman, Allison Lehnen. Shawn is based in Austin, Texas.


Juliet Thompson Hochman

Juliet Thompson Hochman coaches Danielle Audino. Juliet works with the Chris Bagg Coaching Group in Portland, Oregon.


Coleman Allen

Coleman Allen coaches Hannah Allen. Coleman is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Elliott Bassett

Elliott Bassett coaches Fiona Moriarty. Elliott is based in Victoria, Canada.