Allison Lehnen was born and raised in the high elevations of Colorado.  As a (hyper) active child she was always doing some kind of sport from soccer to track to volleyball to cheerleading.  Dedicated to health and mental well being, Allison was an early riser through college to get a workout in and start the day off right. There are zero excuses at 5 am and 6,000 feet! After college, a group of friends decided to exchange their drinking games for the challenge of completing a marathon. As they trained together, they thought how “nice” it would be to break up the monotony by throwing in some swimming and biking with the running - thus a love for multi-sport was born.

Allison completed her first triathlon in 2007 and has competed in several multi-sport races yearly since - throwing in a marathon here or there. She is frequently spotted on the podium in local races at both the Olympic and sprint distance. She competed at USAT Nationals in 2017 and 2018 in both distances and earned a spot on Team USA for the 2019 World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is trained by Shawn Bostad and trains with Portland Triathlon Club and the BATWomen.

Outside of triathlon life, Allison flexes her brain with her engineering and business credentials. She spends her time influencing a cross-functional engineering team as a Program Manager in new product development for a regulated industry. The verdict is still out whether negotiating with engineers or chasing the podium is a bigger challenge. Either way, challenge accepted!