Formerly known as Steelhead Select, we are better known as The BATWomen – Bad Ass Triathlon Women – a nickname given to us by our training partners that embraces our tenacity and enthusiasm about triathlon and life.



To create, build and support a cohesive, competitive team of high performance female triathletes in Portland, Oregon.


We believe:

  • We are Stronger Together

  • As women, we have a unique opportunity to support each other, in training, racing and life

  • Training and racing triathlon is wickedly fun and a lifestyle choice

  • In hard work, pushing ourselves, and pushing each other

  • In levity, laughter, good food, risk-taking, and quietly leveling our competitors


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.47.11 PM.jpeg
  • To develop a women’s training group that offers the practical and emotional support amongst its members commonly experienced in high functioning collegiate and national teams.

  • To place BATWomen on Age Group, Elite and Pro podiums at local, regional, national and international events.

  • To attract women to our training group from across the region, making the BATW and Portland a destination for high performance female triathletes.

  • To secure a sponsorship base that defrays the cost of training, kit, race fees and equipment.


Captain: Juliet Thompson Hochman

Founding BATWomen: Cymon Kersch, Amy Henderson, Hannah Allen and Rachael Lenz. Joined in 2018 by Elise Lagerstrom, Laura MacCarley and Danielle Audino.

Coach: The BATWomen are coached by their own coaches. For more information, please see the Coaching page.


The goal of the BATW is to support each other as training partners in the three triathlon disciplines of swim, bike and run. To maintain the integrity of this goal, we have performance standards to ensure the group can effectively train together. To join the BATW, we expect achievement of at least one of the following standards:

  1. Currently holding a Pro Card

  2. In the last annual USAT Athlete Results, achieving a score of at least 90 in four races over the last 24 months.

  3. If new to triathlon, be capable of 2 out of 3 of the following:

a.     Swim 10 X 100yds on 1:30

b.     An FTP demonstrating a minimum of 3.8 watts/kg

c.      Run a sub-20 min 5K or equivalent


The strength of The BATWomen is that we train together, supporting each other through difficult workouts and weathering the ups and downs inevitable in a year-round training calendar. It takes time and effort to coordinate work, life and training schedules, particularly as we have different coaches and diverse racing goals. But training together several times a week is key to our success as a cohesive team.

We are Stronger Together.

To this end, we expect The BATWomen:

  • To make a good faith effort to make two group training sessions a week. This could be group strength or bike at #CNCGym, larger workouts offered by Portland Triathlon Club, or weekend rides and runs self-organized via the BATW WhatsApp feed.

  • To race in designated BATW kit at a minimum of three races a year. Dispensation may be allowed for international races or in cases where athletes have existing sponsors, but these must be approved ahead of racing.

  • To further expand the community of women in triathlon, volunteer when practical in multi-sport activities. This could involve marshalling at local races, coaching at clubs or clinics, or leading rides in the Portland area.